Yas & Denz NBME & USMLE Step 1 Schedule

If you have arrived at this page, you might be interested in our NBME Comp/USMLE Step 1 schedule! We have created a detailed, five week schedule that utilizes the most commonly used/our favorite resources.

Our schedule has proven to help improve our scores on Comp and now, on Step, as well as the scores of friends and other students who have utilized it! It was built in a way that balances MCQs with reading and watching videos like Pathoma and Sketchy.

By having a detailed schedule, many of the worries that come with preparing for Comp and Step can be overcome. A schedule can make you feel more confident in your daily studies, knowing that you will get through any resource you intend to. Having a schedule focuses your studies and helps you keep on track!

After trying to find a pre-made schedule online that covered all the main resources and was still realistic, I realized there was not a schedule out there that was just right.

Our schedule includes a complete run through First Aid, UWorld, Pathoma, and Sketchy Pharm and Micro. It also includes practice exam days and review. The schedule can be customized to fit your personal schedule (5 weeks vs. 8 weeks). It can also be made to fit around your days off or half days you plan to take!

Here is an example of our schedule:

One of the students we are currently working with says:

“This schedule from Yasmine has worked well for me. I love that it’s designed to get me through UWorld, FA and Pathoma and then another quick pass through FA before my COMP exam. You get lots of reiteration of the material and you can actually finish a day’s study schedule with a little down time. This is something that I hadn’t had the ability of doing prior. I’d actually gotten behind twice, but for some reason, with this schedule it hasn’t been hard for me catch back up. Overall, I have throughly enjoyed it thus far. And the advice to make one’s own flash cards is undervalued! Sure you could go on a Anki or Quizlet and use some made by someone else. But the power  in writing your own makes it that much easier to recall the information later. I am trusting that this will be sufficient to pass my COMP and then my boards! Thank you Yasmine!”

Another student says:

“One of the biggest struggles I faced every time I sat down to study for comp was deciding where to begin. I never knew if I should start with questions or content review. I didn’t know if I was being too ambitious with my study schedule or too relaxed. On days I dedicated to reviewing a full system, I would find myself bored with the topic and not retaining any information towards the end of the day, especially when it finally came to to reviewing the pharm for that topic, one of my weaker disciplines. When I reached out to Yasmine for help and started using her study schedule, I really loved how each system was broken up into multiple days. I liked that I was able to review what I learned in cardio path through first aid one day with cardio pathoma the next day. That repetition was key for me to actually retaining the information long term. I also thought the way she had split up doing a couple different topics in one day was helpful in keeping things interesting and not getting bored of just one topic. Every morning when I sat down to study, I didn’t have to ask myself where I should start because I knew exactly what I was going to be doing that day. This allowed me to have a much more structured day. If I had other activities planned for a certain day, I could adjust the schedule accordingly and pick up where I left off the next day, and thus found a lot of flexibility in the schedule. Every student is different in the way they learn and their strong points, so some of my stronger subjects took less time to review than the schedule originally allotted and I was able to spend more time on my weaker areas. Personally, Yasmine’s schedule helped give me a guideline of my day and everything I needed to cover to do well on this exam, but it was up to me to follow it and adjust it according to my needs. I definitely thank Yasmine for helping me establish more of a routine for this comp attempt and I am thankful to say, it helped me succeed on the exam! I would very highly recommend using this study schedule to assist anyone in their comp/step preparations, especially if you’re like me and have difficulty sticking to a routine. I fully intend to continue using this schedule as I prepare to take Step 1!”

In addition to the schedule, students who would like to work with us will have our support throughout the study period!

If you are interested in learning more about our study schedule, please reach out to either of us on social media or email me below!